Preparing for the optional subjects is crucial in the Civil Service Examination and requires sufficient time and attention. They are equally important as the General Studies papers. Practice, revision, and solving previous year’s question papers are essential for getting maximum scores in the optional subject- which will reflect in your All India Rank. That’s why we offer extra care to help you with the options.

Prepare your best with Fortune IAS Academy, the Best IAS Academy in Kerala.

Fortune IAS Academy provides the best optional coaching class for different subjects. The top 5 optional coaching classes by Fortune IAS Academy that can help you with unleashing your complete potential are listed below-
Best Public Administration optional coaching class
Public Administration is a popular and scoring optional subject in the Civil Services Examination. This subject has a confined syllabus and covers a range of topics that are relevant to the examination. Candidates who choose this subject need to update on current affairs and developments. With proper guidance and regular practice, a candidate can perform well in this subject and score high marks in the main examination.
Fortune IAS Academy provides you with the best Public administration optional coaching class.
Best Political science and IR optional coaching class
If you have opted for Political Science and International Relations, you can benefit from our best Political Science and IR optional coaching class.
Political Science and International Relations (IR) are two closely related fields of study that focus on the organisation, behaviour, and interactions of individuals, groups, and institutions within the context of government and global affairs.
Best Anthropology optional coaching class
Do you find Anthropology fascinating? Then our best Anthropology optional coaching class is the right fit for you.
As an optional subject for civil services examinations, anthropology offers a unique opportunity to explore the human experience in depth. It provides a rich and diverse perspective on the human experience.
Best Sociology optional coaching class
Fortune IAS Academy provides you with the best Sociology optional coaching class. Sociology is a social science that seeks to understand human behaviour, social relationships, and the structures and institutions that shape society. It is the study of social phenomena and the patterns of social interactions and relationships that emerge from them.
Studying Sociology as an optional subject provides a strong foundation for understanding social phenomena and helps to develop analytical skills to understand complex social issues.
Best Malayalam literature optional coaching class
If you have a passion for Malayalam literature and a good understanding of the language, choosing Malayalam literature as your optional subject in the Civil Services Examination can be a rewarding experience. The syllabus includes ancient and modern Malayalam literature, poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction.
Fortune IAS Academy will assist you with the best Malayalam literature optional coaching class.
Summing up
Fortune IAS Academy provides you with a well-rounded optional coaching class. Optional Subject Class is an essential part of the preparation process for the civil services exam. It provides candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the optional papers of the main exam. Therefore, candidates should choose the right coaching institute or mentor and make the most of the Optional Subject Class to enhance their chances of success in the civil services exam.