Mains Maxima 2024

The philosophy of Mains Maxima is inspired by Archimedes who said, “Give me a firm place to stand and a lever and I can move the earth.” The program will equip students with knowledge and skills which will serve as levers to maxim­ ise their mains marks.


Fortune IAS Academy’s Mains Maxima is a comprehensive test series de­ signed to embolden UPSC aspirants in their quest for mastery over the GS Mains. It has a methodically designed curriculum, featuring a robust test series and insightfully curated sessions, equipping candidates with the neces­ sary skills to conquer the Mains. Fortune’s Mains Maxima is built upon a foun­ dation of unparalleled expertise. A team of seasoned subject experts and UPSC toppers become your partners in achieving civil service excellence.

Weekly Schedule

Monday Mastery

Prioritising Topics and Acing Answer Intro/Conclusion

Tuesday Templates

Learning Answer Frameworks

Wednesday Wisdom

Enhancing Answer Value with Toppers’ Guidance

Thursday Enrichment

Optimising Content and Adding Examples/Case Studies

Friday Speed Traps

Writing 5-6 Answers and Time Management


Self Revision


Mains Test (3 hours – 250 marks)