Restart Program 2024

Restart program is envisioned as an integrated approach to prelims and mains.

Fortune IAS introduces an online repeaters program, RESTART, designed to help aspirants transform UPSC setback into a comeback story. Unlike generic UPSC coaching that caters to all aspirants, our RESTART’s Programme is meticulously crafted for those who’ve braved the exam before. We understand that your needs are distinct.

RESTART Program’s main pillars are:

Prelims Diagnosis: Mentor analysis of student’s performance to diag­ nose their strength and weakness.

Systematic Planning: Study planner for productive daily preparation.

Prioritization: Weekly sessions identifying priority topics for maximum returns.

Daily Practice: Targeted practice workbooks with video explanations.

Conceptual Clarity: Faculty-led sessions – “Prelims through Questions”

(PTQ) and “Mains through Questions” (MTQ).


Content Enrichment: Framework-based study materials. 

Personal Mentorship: Weekly progress checks after tests and targeted guidance.


Prelims Test Series: Focused Test Series from December 2024 to UPSC 2025 Prelims.